Chabad Morocco earthquake relief

In response to the devastating earthquake that struck Morocco on Friday night, Chabad has launched an earthquake relief fund dedicated to providing vital humanitarian aid and supporting the ongoing recovery efforts. Our team is currently on the ground in Marrakech, diligently assessing the immediate needs and formulating effective strategies to provide assistance.

Chabad has a rich history of swiftly responding to global crises, offering aid to vulnerable populations of all faiths and backgrounds in the most severely affected regions. Over the years, our funds have played a pivotal role in supporting numerous relief initiatives following major disasters.

Rabbi Levi Banon expressed, "We deeply mourn the tragic loss of life caused by this disaster and extend our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost their loved ones or been injured. Our team is actively on the ground, and we are mobilizing our dedicated volunteers to provide critical support to the affected communities. Our commitment to these efforts is unwavering, guided by our core values of compassion and assistance to those in need."